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Post-Purchase of Photo ID Badge Shipping ***Read details below***


***Use this option ONLY if you already purchased a Clinical Photo ID Badge and did NOT select to have it mailed to you but you now want to have mailed to you after you have already completed the initial purchase. If you have not purchased the ID badge yet and you want it mailed, simply choose to have it mailed to you during checkout and disregard this “product”.***


If you are not able to attend GBM to retrieve your clinic photo badge that you have ALREADY PURCHASED ONLINE you may have it mailed to you. Please be aware that these will be sent via USPS in an envelope to the address you provide in the notes section but will NOT have tracking. This means that if your badge never arrives at the address provided you will be required to purchase another clinical photo ID badge. (It’s best to pick it up at GBM)


If you are unable to attend GBM to retrieve you Photo ID Badge you may purchase shipping for $5.00. Your ID badge will be be mailed in a paper envelope with a normal postage stamp to the address you provide. There will be no insurance or tracking number so if the item never arrives there will be no replacement ID badge provided and no refunds given. You will be required to purchase another Photo ID Badge at full price.

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